About Me


Fajad Ali Shah is a Youtuber, Freelancer, Amazon FBA Brand Building & Scaling, and PPC Expert. I have good experience in YouTube from 2016 to 2021 and managed multiple channels. At the first time, there are too many difficulties to grow the channel but gradually and consistently the channel has grown and given very fruitful results.

Also Doing Freelancing from 2020 but did not get too many results. So I learned one trick about how to find clients easily of amazon FBA Business, so I found the easiest solution to contact directly to the brand.

  1. First I do the Store/Listing Audit and searching for the mistakes in their listings that’s why the listing not getting too much sales and telling the main issues then they said Awesome! Then the Journey start and in very less time I convert the brand into client.
  2. Offer different types of services in different packages with bonuses then they impressed to work for long term projects.


There is a lot of things in the amazon FBA Private Label module:

  1. Product Research: Finding a profitable product with very good ppc and profit margins
  2. Product Validation: Product validation is an art of product evaluation, we collect all the data the decide that the product in future will give us the profitable orders. We decide good product on this elements, BSR, PROFIT MARGIN, SOURCING PRICE, MARKET DEPTH, REVIEW ANALYSIS, PPC BIDS, BRAND DOMINANCY, AMAZON DOMINANCY, AND FEW OTHER THINGS.
  3. Product Sourcing & Logistics: We search different sourcing Platforms on which we get good quality and low Price and logistics.
  4. Product Listing Creation and Optimization: We do keyword Research and make the content and create good product Pictures.
  5. PPC & Campaign Management: We Rank product on the most convertible keywords and structured the campaign with good strategies.

This is How I manage the Amazon FBA PL business and made it profitable.