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How to Hunt a Product From Amazon Brand Analytics

This post is a continuation of my previous 3 posts on Brand Analytics that will show you step by step how you can use this amazing tool to amazing product ideas with this tool

In the previous posts, I mentioned how you can pick up a Belt of Keywords in Brand Analytics by sorting SFR (Search Frequency Rank) Figures and can get a belt of 8k keywords, out of 250k and further applying a filter on Title Section and ask Excel to show only those Keywords which have “Cat” in their Title in this way you can get “500” Keywords out of “8k”

Now in the next step, we’ll see how to get broad keywords to filter in Title so you can never run out of products what if I tell you you can get every broad keyword at Amazon like there are 118 kinds of Sporting Goods sold at Amazon US you can get a list of this 118 keyword via this method and then individually search these keywords in the title to get their sub-products

Sounds Amazing right 

let’s dive into

Step 1

Go to Amazon Seller Central >> Inventory >> Add Products via Upload

Step 2

Classify the Category you want to hunt in like I am selecting Sports & Outdoor here

Step 3

Once you have downloaded the Flat File >> Go into >> Valid Values Section

Step 4

Search for the Sports Type Column here >> Copy it and then Transpose it into some other sheet so you can clearly see it

Step 5

Here you can see we have got all 118 types of sports item sold in Amazon USA Market NOW ALL WE NEED TO DO IS SEARCH EACH DESIRED SPORT INTO BRAND ANALYTICS TITLE COLUMN TO GET DESIRED SUB PRODUCTS

Step 6

Open Brand Analytics Sheet >> Apply text filter in Title Column and let’s search one of our sports items from our flat file

In this way, you can get broad keywords of every category and get extreme ideas

I am attaching screenshots below, So you can have a complete look How to apply filters

Browse Nodes & Hunting

Brand Analytics & Product Hunting (NARROWING DOWN KEYWORDS)

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