Amazon Give Us Best Seller Badge on the 5th day of launch.

Amazon New Product Launch Strategies

Here is the complete strategy from listing optimization to PPC that we used in this product launch.



The title was optimized based on the 7 top relevant keywords with different roots. In the end, we were able to manage four keywords in one exact phrase after our brand name with the primary keyword, which has made a huge impact on us. In Title, we covered 1 lac+ searches out of a total of 3 lac+.

Bullet Point:

In bullet points, I used the next 4 most relevant keywords. Use them wisely and logically without repeating them.


I used 5-6 keywords under 1000 bytes because that will help you to get indexed faster.

Search Term:

We used all the possible roots of keywords in the backend search terms logically without repeating any of them.

Listing Images:

The graphics team worked very closely for the whole month to ensure that the images stood out as much as possible. After all, it’s the images that sell, not the products.


PPC Strategy:

Six sponsored product campaigns were created with dynamic bid down only using TOS placement.

4 manual exact campaigns

2 ASIN targeting Campaigns

Our only objective was to prove relevancy for the A9 algorithm by creating an exact campaign. The PPC campaign began to perform on the second day. Along with PPC, we started to do add to cart for at least 4 days using FB ads and Manychat and we

did only 10 VVRO during the whole launch. We are moving towards a pure PPC launch in the future.

The ACOS is now 38.88%, which is improving every day. We expected only 25-20 orders per day, but we are getting on average 50 orders per day. Currently, we are not moving forward with aggressive PPC as the Organic Order ratio increasing day by day. Due to low stock, PPC is now turned off.

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