Amazon PPC Mistakes

Mistakes Mostly People Do While Running PPC 

Nomenclature of Campaigns and Ad Groups 

Don’t Name Random – Use Proper Naming Conventions otherwise you will find it difficult and/or time-consuming to analyze their performance later

Mixing High and Low Search Volume Keywords 

In the same campaign, the Majority of the People combining high and low search volume keywords

Relation Between PPC and Ranking 

People are Not being aware that PPC helps you to rank on keywords that you target and help you increase your Sales Velocity

Too Many Keywords 

Adding so many keywords in a Single campaign which can Eat your Budget of other Keywords

Ad types 

Mostly People use only Few ad types not exploring other Ads types like Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display Ads

Market Research 

Not doing proper Market research and competitor analysis.

Poor Bid management 

Changing Bids After 1 or 2 hours.

Negative Keywords 

Without doing any research, adding a negative keyword is a poor decision.

Product Validation 

If you believe PPC can save a bad product, you’re mistaken.

Stop low performing Targetings too early 

The common trend is to stop any targeting with 10 clicks or more and no sales. But what if 10 clicks don’t reach your ACoS% limit? You could be missing some good sales…

Ignoring Reports 

Another huge mistake here – people don’t take data from their reports. It’s a pretty common thing to go into the account for the first time and not to see any reports ever created.


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