4 Points to be understood for aggressive PPC in US and UK

Those going for aggressive PPC in US and UK, please understand a few points.

  1. PPC in US is too costly and less rewarding. In UK PPC is rewarding and less costly but for how long? May be another 2-3 years.
  2. It’s not you who decide to bring the ACOS down. There are tons and tons of variables here. But one variable is the biggest of all. How much others are bidding and willing to pay. You can’t beat this. It is less of you and your strategies but more of others in the playing field willing to spend money and bid on the keywords just like you. Yes, we can always do VVRO on sponsored Ads and start fighting for sponsored rank just the way we fight for organic rank. But the cost is usually high.
  3. You may use AI apps and work hard on your fine tuning. But usually US is expensive and you are lucky to have 7-10% ACOS but mostly you will find yourself struggling between 20-30% ACOS which is fine too if your margin is 25% and you know you are losing 5% but it rewards you with higher sales velocity which will impact organic ranking and will lead to higher organic orders. I don’t mind spending an extra 5% to get higher organic orders at the end.
  4. In UK, yes, you can usually achieve under 10% ACOS and make the PPC profitable.

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