Amazon PPC Success Case Study

What is this behavior, Jeff? You Keep increasing the CPC and you think we cant survive?

Presenting you a very interesting case study today in which my client was in 250$ to 400$ loss daily which we turned in to daily 100$ profit (average)

Problem # 1, CPC for a single click was being charged by 4$ in the exact match type

Problem # 2, Profit was only 4$

Problem # 3, High Reviews of Competitors starting from 10000 to 45000

Problem # 4, Our Reviews = 200

Problem # 5, Niche is dominated by AmazonBasics itself

Product price 16$

NOW if you have a look at the above scenario it was almost impossible to survive.

But we somehow took it as a challenge and turned listing into profit. The client was liquidating the inventory before we took control but now after looking at numbers, we are reordering our inventory with full confidence. 🙂


Now you may be wondering Ahmed, how?



We put a long-tailed (4-word count) KW from our Keywords research which had a good search volume of around 6000 and put it in a broad match type

It must be a single keyword campaign

Even before starting the campaign, we put hundreds of keywords in “Neg: Exact” and so many 1 word Keywords in “Neg: Phrase”

Example: Our KW is “crib baby hammock orange” so we put “White” “Black” “brown” in “Neg: Phrase”

In-Depth Keywords research from Helium, Brand Analytics and Search terms data would help you in selecting KWs to populate in “Neg: Exact” & “Neg: Phrase” Respectively

By doing “Massive Negative targeting” again and again we wanted to restrict the range of broad match type in a way that it would start to behave like “exact match” 😉

Our Keyword “crib baby hammock orange” Which had SV of 6000 started to respond in a campaign and eventually started receiving clicks and Conversion

Now here comes the FUN part. The same KW which had a CPC of 4$ now started giving us the CPC of 1$ in the Broad match type with 70 percent accuracy!


70% accuracy means the derivatives of the KW “Crib baby Hammock Orange” which are “orange crib baby hammock”, “ Crib baby hammock in Orange color” etc.

As we started to get sales we started to rank better on so many KWs which has the roots in it

Our sales and ranks started to increase and eventually, we started making consistent profits

That’s how We Survived in a cut-throat market with patience Dedication and complete Vision having a road map of DOs And DONTs


In my next post, I would be sharing with you

Broad Match Keywords Funneling

Negative Graduation of ASINs

Ranking a product with Broad Match type

Getting Cheaper Sales with Sponsored Display in Cut-Throat market

And so much more…

Stay Tuned!

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