Anticipating PPC launch Budget

We will discuss this in detail below:

Please refer to attached pic 1, which shows the portion we would be focusing this post around today before we could start learning how to anticipate the Amazon PPC budget.

Image 1 highlights to the factual Amazon PPC data on which the whole case study is based.

It relays, that for every Amazon ad showing up 10000 times, only 36 times it would be clicked by customers (Average Click Through Rate – CTR: 0.36%), and on average, each click would cost the sellers $1 (Cost Per Click – CPC). so for every 10000 impressions, sellers are billed an average of $36 (ad spend).

Out of those 36 clicks, only customers end up buying 3.6 times (Conversion Rate – CVR: 10%) on average

So basically for every $36 spent on Amazon PPC, 3.6 sales are generated i.e. per unit sales cost is $10 for an average seller.

This here is generic Amazon PPC data which would be the beginning point for every seller to benchmark and calculate and anticipate their PPC budget on the basis of.

Lets just clear the concept regarding this portion first then we would head for the rest, so that everyone is on board.

PPC Launch – “Complete Case Study”

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