ERROR: Expiry-dated lot-controlled product needs to be labeled (Shipping Plan)

Yesterday I got a problem while creating a shipping plan I found a solution for it and I thought it will be good if I shared it with my EOians Friend, the error stated as follows:

The expiry-dated lot-controlled product needs to be labeled. This product cannot be dispatched to Amazon without being stickered.

The reason why you encounter this error “Expiration-dated” due to you are using the manufacturer’s barcode for this listing. Here is the eligibility in using a manufacturer barcode for the FBA listing:

• Be in new condition

• Have only one scannable barcode that is matched to one ASIN in the Amazon catalog

• Have no expiration date

• Not be consumable or topical products such as skin creams, shampoos, or cosmetics

• Not be dangerous goods

For this to be fixed or for you to proceed in creating a shipping plan for your ASIN, you need to use an Amazon barcode instead of the manufacturer’s bar code. In using an Amazon barcode, your products will not be mixed with another seller who is also selling the same units in which your products will be assigned to your own bin.

To switch it, you may follow the steps below:

  1. Hover your mouse to Settings at the top right corner of your seller central account.
  2. Select Fulfilled by Amazon
  3. Go to FBA Product Barcode Preference and Edit it
  4. Select Amazon Barcode as preference
  5. Select update

Once you already updated the Product Barcode Preference into Amazon, you may now create a new listing with the correct label. For your reference in creating a new listing, you may follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Manage inventory page.
  2. Search for the ASIN
  3. At the right side of the listing, click on the drop-down button beside “Edit or relist” button and select the option ” Copy Listing”.
  4. Provide the necessary information required.
  5. On the “Offer” tab, create a unique or new SKU for this new listing.
  6. Select FBA as a fulfillment channel.
  7. Click on “Save and Finish”

Please wait for a maximum of 24 hours for this new listing will show up and this will show the Amazon barcode on it. Once the listing is created, please use that listing for your shipment.

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