How to be Successful on Upwork (Secret)?

The Upwork Secret No One is Talking About
(not a FAKE GURU, just an honest well-wisher)

So U want to become a freelancer?

And Ur posting Jobs on Upwork
But with hardly any luck

Any Jobs U apply to seem very good but the person who posted the job never contacts U

So what’s the secret

How to get jobs that no one is getting or only a few lucky ones are getting selected at

Far from it

How to start getting noticed

How will the Client start talking to U

The secret is right in front of us which none of us have noticed Or if someone has mentioned it already I have not read about it in any post

The secret is “MY FEED”

Freelancing is a game or URGENCY

The more URGENT U R The Higher chances U have of Winning

It is as simple as that

So how will U become Urgent

Master Ur “MY FEED”

What do U mean Sajjad Bhai master Ur Feed

What I mean is open Ur Upwork Feed and keep refreshing it after every minute for one hour at least and witness magic happen in front of Ur eyes.

In every 15 minute window, there is at least one ideal client that has a good star rating and good hire rate and who is paying well fixed or monthly amount is asking for Ur help.

In this way, U will be the first one to respond to that Job post and it will increase Ur chances of winning a job or at least start a conversation with a client regarding the job much easier.

Just because of doing this Ur success chances or percentage will increase by 50%+

I have experienced this myself

Never did I find a good freelancing job that had good money or a good retainer with less than 5 proposals.

This is the only way to secure high paying jobs effectively and immediately

I was trying on Upwork for 2 months with no luck. As soon as I used this strategy I have just explained, Clients have started noticing and talking to me

Why because I am the 1st one to send the proposal

And this can happen very easily using Ur “MY FEED” Option

Started Talking to 2 Client This Week as U can see in the Picture

Good Luck

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