How to display your sponsored product on top of search results

Hack to display your sponsored product on top of search results. It has almost similar conversion results just as if you had a ranking on page one, position one.

You can do that very precisely.

1. Open a Chrome incognito window,

2. go to Amazon, don’t log in,

3. Type the keyword in the category suggested by Amazon.

High Search Volume KWs in your PPC Campaigns mostly results in high ACoS

At that point, you may see your ad on top of search results. If not, click next to reach the page your ad is on, until you see your ad.

Now, increase your bid until you see the ad on top of search results; Wait 15 minutes after making a change for the system to update.

The trick is to bid just enough to be on top, without spending too much and wasting money.

When you display on top of search results, you should see a definite surge in conversions. IF the keyword is good, of course, and you have enough Social Proof to back it up.

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