PPC Launch – “Complete Case Study”

30 Days Activities – “Read Time Only 3 Minutes”

Launch Date: 26 October 2020

Marketplace: UK

Category: Health and Personal Care

No of Giveaways: 5 (Through FnF for Q/A and initial reviews)

Price: £10 (same as of best seller)

Differentiation: Quality is super high than other sellers plus a bit more value is added. (No innovation or any design change)

Packaging: Same as other best sellers.

Images: Above average than any other seller. (No 3D rendering or other stuff like that).

Other Content: To the point, precise and totally buyer oriented than Algorithm oriented, almost all highly relevant KWs are in backend search terms rather than repeating them again and again in listing content.

Initial KW Selection for Ranking: Completly relied on Helium CPS (Competitor Performance Score), 2 seed phrases were chosen instead of any specific KWs.

PPC: One £30 auto campaign from the start that is running till this day, optimized it only for negative KWs, didn’t change any bids or placement, bids were 30% higher than suggested bids from day one.

One manual £30 broad match campaign on the seed KWs, dynamic down, bids were 30 to 40% higher than suggested bid, later I added two more phrases in it that I picked from Auto campaign, didn’t negate these KWs in the auto campaign.

CPC was around suggested bids for starting 10 days until competitors considered us a threat and started raising the bids, ACOS was under 30% as CPC was under control despite of low conversion because of 0 reviews. (Conversion was around 20%)

After 10 days CPC was a bit higher but conversion improved to 50% as we had 5 plus ratings, so ACOS went more down to under 25%. The budget of the manual campaign raised to £50 as it was consuming complete £30 before end of the day.

Ranking: On 5th November, we were under 5 on almost all relevant KWs that have the same seed KWs that were targeted in Broad Campain plus other relevant KWs, top 2 KWs of the niche were fluctuating between 2 to 5 position.

From the 15th we started getting Amazon choice badges and currently have 5 to 6 badges.

Inventory Management: Started with 3200 units, sold 1750 till this day, Amazon is allowing us to send 4K plus more units. The highest number we sold were 97units a day, didn’t do more efforts for ranking to be the best seller for inventory protection as lead time is 45 days.

BSR: Lowest was around 600, right now at 1000, 2nd best seller of the same product, our best seller is in a different sub-category.

PPC, KW Tracker, and complete stats sheet screenshots are below, for newbies, ad spend as a % of Total Sales and PPC to Organic Order Ratio should be considerable stats for a PPC launch.

Note: This is not a seasonal or Covid related product.

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