What kind of PPC software to go with?

When it comes to PPC software, you can choose from 3 basic categories:

1. Rule based software – in this category, you define the rules, the software does them for you. and you hope that your rules have no conflicts, and that the rules you define cover all the cases correctly and every time you check your account – you hope the software with your rules didn’t do anything you didn’t mean it to do.

2. AI-Based / Automatic software – in this category, it’s basically the same, but the software decides the rules internally so you don’t need to define them. you have even less control than the rules based option. again, you have little control and every time you check the account, you hope everything is good.

3. Recommendations based software – you control your account, the software basically tells you what it thinks you should do, but it’s up to you do decide if it fits you or not. with this kind of software, you never have to worry when you when you log into the account, because you know what you did.

I personally prefer #3.

The choice depends on your approach, seller level and many factors – and especially, if you’ve already lost a lot of money because of 1 and 2 and you’re just waiting for it to happen.

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