Some basics of Amazon Sales Copywriting

Amazon Copywriting

Purpose of;

Researched KWs: Discovery

Images: Desirability + Traffic

Title: Capturing Attention + Driving Clicks

Bullets: Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Description (including A+): Positioning (as a solution) + CTA


Generic Amazon Recommended Length is 80 but follows your category style guide aka BTG style guide

Check different title lengths and try and make them more understandable for customers in different view styles

35 sponsored ads

76 mobile SERP

115 desktop SERP

140 tablet SERP

Generic tips:

1. Know your customers and address through each section, overcome objections/questions/doubts, instill trust and drive conversion

2. See what your customers see and how they see it

3. Don’t blindly fall for competitor’s sales copies

4. Avoid KW after KW shove-up in title

5. Use “so what” method to make Bullets more relatable to customers. Name a feature and ask “so what”? “Why should I care”?

6. Ideally restrict Bullet length to 150-200 characters each

7. Overcome objections, why yours is better, incorporate lifestyle uses, address the audience by segment

8. For description, the first 1000 bytes are indexed

9. Use description on the line of the infomercials

10. Avoid forbidden KWs throughout

11. A+ content is indexed before Bullets (think mobile version)

High Search Volume KWs in your PPC Campaigns mostly results in high ACoS

Glossary of Amazon Terms

Glossary of Content Marketing Terms

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