Template: Extension of Safety Compliance Deadline

ASIN: [Insert your ASIN here]

Title: [Mention your exact product title here]

Subject: Safety-Compliance


I am principal of store: [Insert your Store name here]. Reference to Attachment-1, we were directed to provide Compliance documents for the cited ASIN till Sept. 27, 2020.

Attachment-2: Before we started selling the cited ASIN, the Support team previously confirmed, in writing, via Case Log [Insert Case # here], that no such compliance certification was a requirement.

In order to sell Amazon customers only the compliant products, we fully understand our responsibility of full compliance with Amazon TOS. Therefore, we now have immediately applied for the UAA 121 certification with the competent authority.

Attachment-3: Unwarranted, due to COVID, UAA 121 certification lead times have increased. Therefore, unfortunately, complying with Sept. 27, 2020 deadline is not possible. The same has been explained in this attachment by an official representative of the competent authority, directly to the Compliance team.

Requested Action: Extension of Compliance Deadline till Dec. 1, 2020

I am available to chat at: [Insert your contact number here]

Thank you for your usual support.

The above email needs to be sent directly to the Compliance team via email address: product-compliance-us@amazon.com

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