“The Amazon’s Algorithm”

Today’s post is all about “What Amazon wants from you and how Its algorithm works”.

For many years we were not able to understand this topic but due to millions of case studies worldwide and experiences today We Amazon guys are able to understand this but still now 100%.

What does Amazon want from you?

Amazon is a buyer-oriented platform that tries its best to provide the best experience to buyers and to maintain it, Amazon has suspended millions of sellers just by doing small mistakes which affected the buyer’s experience. So the better product and service you provide the more Amazon will promote you.

Now it’s not like Amazon just want to make the buying experience better Amazon also wants to make its money through you, Amazon wants to make buyer addicted to Amazon.

Customer is king to amazon so the more you provide value and fulfill the desires of customers you will get support from amazon and priority over other sellers.

Seller’s overall selling history is getting recorded by amazon and even small things which you can’t imagine getting recorded in your selling history. To answer customer questions within 3 hours & reply to messages as soon as possible. In how much time the customer converts into buyer amazon record it.

Immediate covert = amazon’s best choice + ranking on keywords.

Amazon wants minimum time in everything from purchasing decisions, answering queries, delivery, answering complaints, and everything that is in your control. Amazon cares about customers’ experience so Amazon does everything to make it better that’s why people will purchase $100 things from Amazon if they will be getting the same thing at $50 from a local E-Commerce Website.

When it comes to ratings you have need to make strategies to keep review rating good and never ever go out of stock because the Amazon algorithm highly dislikes it.

Have a goal or strategy to answer questions, do keyword indexing or tell unique features in your questions sections.

Build sales slowly otherwise amazon will detect unnatural behavior which can lead to big issues so be natural in increasing sales.

And now Amazon’s main source of income Is from PPC so if you will run PPC you will get supported by Amazon and in short Amazon needs to make money from you and the better you are in making money the better algorithm will work for you.

How does Amazon’s A9 Algorithm work?

I have already told some basics above but there is a lot more to talk about. Amazon Algorithm sets rules based on data. Down below are factors that matter in your ranking on specific keywords:


2-Click Through Rate

3-Conversion Rate


5-Review Ratings

6-Repeat Customers

If these are good on any keywords you will start ranking.

Advance New Hack Of Ranking

The ranking is also based on areas customers purchase. There different rankings for different places means different postal codes have different rankings so if the product behaves good amazon will send it to different warehouses and for that bring off amazon traffic, target different places/areas in your off amazon campaigns, and also have your inventory in 3pl in different areas of the country so if u create shipment plan you will go in different warehouses.

Listing Indexing & Deranking

First of all, to create relevancy you must use (BTG). And whenever we do even a small change in listing content We get deranked and when we do change again and again our listing stops indexing and your ranking goes down and impressions also drop in PPC. So the solution is if your listing is old and doesn’t have many reviews delete it and make a new listing with new content but the same ASIN. And then do the proper launch and ranking.

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