Ultimate Amazon FBA Beginner Guide

Starting out something new is difficult, especially when you have no background at all in online selling and/or eCommerce.

Just like any other learning, you need to begin with the basics, the alphabets, the glossary of terms for Amazon. Do not expect to learn anything Amazon quickly if you miss learning its glossary first. Because you will not even be able to understand any article, group post or any other learning material on Amazon unless you are familiar with the terminology first.

The next step is familiarizing yourself with the user interface of the website. Because if you do not browse through the whole interface, you may never even know what is located where when you set out to search for the products to sell. Amazon is huge, so take your time to familiarize yourself with the interface. Drill down as much as you can by clicking each and every page link and make a mind map of what click takes you where and how.

Next up on your learning list should be how to use Amazon tools. People would suck you in for all kinds of tools. You basically just need to familiarize yourself with Helium 10 (commonly known as H10) and Keepa. Be mindful, these are two tools that you really need to hunt and sell on Amazon. Rest is all noise.

Once you have the tools handy, time to follow any hunting criteria that you find logical for your product hunt. For now Only E Guide doesn’t have a recommended hunting criteria, but soon there will be one from Only E Guide too – but mind you, it would be more about Product Life Cycle focused than the price or anything else. Because Only E Guide wants to flourish doing Amazon the right way so you can expect Only E Guide’s criteria to be a little different than most others out there.

Please remember, Product Hunting is no rocket science, everyone can find a product of two in a single sitting. What is more important is to develop the ability to see through data and niche. We will get to it in posts later on this group.

The next step is to check if the product is viable i.e. it’s possible to invest in and make a profit while selling it. This step is where most people fall for either wrong concepts or for their eagerness to sell. This is the single most important step on which your business’s viability depends so take all the time that you need to study the product for its viability.

Once you have hunted down a product and its viability checked, it’s time to start analyzing the niche and the competition. Selection of your direct competitor happens in this step. Social Listening which is the essence of the Audience Building (the cheapest ranking) model on Amazon starts at this very stage. So please start paying attention from this stage.

You will need to spend a good couple of weeks before you could think of anything else at all. Yes, you should not even begin to call competitor samples. Keep a close eye on the product data, as well as competitors and competition before ordering competitor samples.

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