!!! Upwork Success Formula !!!

How to guarantee Ur success on Upwork !!

2 simple rules

Rule No 1:

Change mindset

Stop feeling sorry and Poor

Take responsibility

Become resourceful

Buy $15 Premium Upwork membership

“Because until Ur not ready to change, nothing will change for U.”

Rule No 2:

Kill and bury procrastination

This can only be achieved after completing rule no 1

After I have done so

Make sure to send a proposal with each prayer

Let’s mix and match proposals of different connects

For example

Job 1 Proposal posted Costs 1 connect

Job 2 Proposal posted Costs 2 connect

Job 3 Proposal posted Costs 4 connect

Job 4 Proposal posted Costs 1 connect

Job 5 Proposal posted Costs 6 connect

Total connects used = 14 connects

If U start 2 interviews U have +20-14=+6 extra connects

Even if U get a single interview U still get 10 connections back

So this is achievable

Not just saying out of the blue

Practicing this daily

Continue to follow rule 2 for at least 2 – 3 months

Until U have sent at least 200 proposals

Once U have done that

Ur fear to send proposals will go away

And Ur speed will increase

Ur language will get better

Key is persistence and consistency

Alhamdulillah now almost daily I am interacting with someone on Upwork

And some kind of discussion is going on as well

This whole process keeps U motivated and keeps U going and firing

In the end

The most important thing to do is

(Just send the freaking proposal don’t overthink)

Good Luck

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